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Anyone looking for an apartment? - geneseo sxe [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Anyone looking for an apartment? [Mar. 9th, 2005|11:01 pm]
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Hey you guys I am a quiet, kinda shy girl and I don't drink or do drugs, or even smoke....and I am looking for a roommate or two for an apartment next year! Here is the info if you are interested get in touch :-)

I have some really great places that are still looking for people to live, unfortuantly each of the people I tried to get a place with ended up flaking out....so now I am desperate to get some people before I have to give in and put down a deposit to live on campus next year. As I said there are a few places I am looking at, but they are all on Conesus Lake. One would be for me and one other person, with an extra bedroom for guests (its so little I don't really want to live there with 3, but it would be great with 2!), at $350 a month. It has a bathroom, kitchen complete with pots and pans, a living room, two decks one with a patio set and the other with a picnic table and barbeque, as well as a fire pit by the water. It is complete with utilities, except for the internet. It's a really nice place. The same landlords (they are really nice!) have another place which is bigger, and would need 3 of us...it would be $400 a month. It is pretty much the same kind of thing except bigger, although I haven't seen it yet. It also includes all utilities except internet. A different set of landlords have another place on Conesus Lake, which is also beautiful. It is very spacious. It includes one and a half baths, although they may expand the half over the summer into a full. It has a huge living room, a kitchen, and a small dining area. There are 3 spacious bedrooms upstairs, and it is right on the beach. The living room has a gorgeous view. It is also $400 a month per person, with all utilites except internet. The landlord for this place is also very nice.

Both sets of landlords have been very helpful to me in my roommate search, and each of the places I did see was really nice, I assume the one I haven't is just as nice. My name is Lisa and I will be sophmore/junior next year, and I am a political science major with a legal studies minor. If you're interested in possibly renting one of these, or another, place with me please get in touch right away. My number here is 245 - 7264, my email is lar9@geneseo.edu, and my phone number at home for over spring break is 315 - 265 - 4856. Hope to hear from you :-)